Tuition and Policies
  30 minutes $900yearly   ($90.00 monthly )    ($27.50 weekly)
   40 minutes $1125.00 yearly   ($125.00monthly)     ($40.00 weekly)
          60 minutes $1600.00 yearly ($160.00 monthly)   ($50.00 weekly)
​               A limited number of shorter term sessions are available.
     Registration fee of $35.00 is due yearly. 
     Tuition is expected at the first lesson of each month September through June and includes 30 weekly lessons  a Holiday and Spring Musicale or Recital.
     Books and supplies - will be provided for you at your lessons. Registration fees are applied to these.
     Make-up lessons  - Extra lesson weeks are included in the schedule to accommodate missed lessons due to appointments. Forgotten lessons are forfeited and must be paid for.  Please call 24 hours ahead if you must cancel.
      Practice- Students are expect to practice a minimum of 30” most days of the week. Early elementary students may trim that to 20“, and older students should push for at least 40” daily.
      Performance opportunities include Holiday and Spring Recitals and New Hampshire Music Teacher's chapter recitals and honors recitals.  

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